Life is a journey that takes us down many roads; some are easy and others are more difficult. At times, we may find that the path we are traveling leads us to seek the help of others. This is not a sign of weakness but a fact of the human condition.

At Blossom Psychotherapy, we believe that the art and science of psychotherapy is an effective avenue in helping people find the specific guidance that they need and deserve- guidance that maintains their dignity, creates healthy choices, and empowers them to move in the direction of their full potential.

In this context, we offer our clients an approach to counseling that is steeped in the energy of compassion, honesty, and respect. In addition, we seek to serve the whole person, including the psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions of the human experience. Finally, we are convinced that it is an absolute privilege to walk with people as they move in the direction of their freedom, a privilege that inspires us always to do our very best on the behalf of those we serve.